Thursday, December 15, 2011

The fast car!

I usually refrain from writing about personal experiences on this blog, but I just have to break the rule with this one! This is about an encounter I had recently with a very interesting autorickshaw driver.
Those living in Mumbai are familiar with the autorickshaw walas and how they form the basis as the lifeline of Mumbai. We are all used to the black and yellow rickety rickshaws and nonchalantly get into one and move from one destination to the other.

Well, the other day, my friend and I hailed an autorickshaw and presto!.. what do we see but a snazzy, state of the art vehicle,almost like a car! 

Features in the auto:    
 1) It had a bright light inside, as shown in the photo here:                                                    

2) There was a small video screen attached to the back of the driver's seat, with videos of  latest Bollywood

3) There were two high quality speakers attached to the back of the rear seats.

4) The seats were amazingly comfortable and were from a Maruti Zen ( Indian Car)!!!!That was one of the most innovative things about the vehicle (I seriously am thinking whether I should refer to it as an auto!!) . The ride was so comfortable, it hardly seemed like an auto!


5) The next amazing thing was that the auto driving handle was of shiny steel!Check out the pic below. It was gleaming happily under the light in the vehicle, as the driver was proudly exhibiting it to us!

6) The  BEST part and the thing which takes the cake is that, once we reached the destination and were quizzing him about his auto, he stepped out, shut off the ignition, walked a short distance and pointed his car keys to the vehicle and started on it's own! It was remote operated!

We had the most amazing ride ever!Over and above the features mentioned, he also had a water bottle holder and a mobile charger!  I was so happy to see the passion of this person. I took his number and told him that I'll call him if I need to travel sometimes.

It was an amusing experience and I was thinking... this city is so thought provoking! Only in Mumbai one comes across this pot pourri of people! Who would have thought that a mundane auto ride would result in such entertainment? He also informed me that the newspapers that come to interview him but he was publicity shy and said he did this out of passion and to render a comfortable ride to his passengers. I noticed his smug and happy expression at our delight. 

Customer delight at it's purest!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The peacock!

if you're a peacock amidst a flock of crows,
Stop dancing and learn to caw!

Wound bound

Don't fight a new war without treating the old wound 

The rein reign.

Don't pull the rein(s) before you start to reign!

The beautifficient!

‎(beauty + brains) talent= Vx, where V is the coefficient of volatility and x is the variable of explosion, dependent on degree of beaut

The Chatter matter

Sometimes we chatter, to hide some matter.